Welcome to the End of Everywhere!

This is Lubanzi, a little Xhosa Village in the middle of nowhere of the former Transkei. This is where the road ends, this is where the sea and the sky meet, where the sun kisses the waves and the rhythm of life is still pure and undisturbed.

Kick off your shoes, check your Ego in at the baggage counter. Free yourself, climb into your skin, open up, be at one, breathe. Lubanzi is as "away from everything" as you can possibly be.

Are you ready to let go? Wild Lubanzi is not everyone's cup of tea. It's a particular and peculiar bunch of wildlings that have created their nest here. We have no patience for intolerance or prejudice, for system slaves, smartphone junkies, money chasers or brainwashed main stream media consumers. Nope, life's got a different pace here. We dance to the rhythm of our own heartbeats, we use our hands and brains to create our own reality, and we measure ourselves by our own standards only.

Are you ready to let go? For there is no TV here and limited electricity or internet connection. Can you put your smartphone away for a few days and be in the moment, right here right now? We are more than happy to share our little paradise with whoever is happy to be a part of it. If you're a wildling just like us you will love it here. And if this text offends you, please find yourself a nice little hotel somewhere with a swimming pool, DSTV in every room and a fence around the property.

Seriously though. We do need the income from the backpackers to get by but we are honestly tired of stuck-up, racist people who treat our local staff (who are our friends and neighbours more than employees) like kitchen maids. We are tired of people who can't even fetch a cup of coffee by themselves (let alone wash their dishes) and feel like they need to be "served". We are tired of people who mostly stare at their phone even when in company, and tired of people who constantly need to be entertained. Wild Lubanzi is a place for the young-at-heart, a place for dreamers, adventurers, travellers, or anyone who ever felt that "there must be more to life". Here's more. You wanna come see?

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Carob, one of the 2 ridgebacks at Wild Lubanzi Backpackerscliffs at Lubanzi, Eastern Capeoutside sitting area at Wild Lubanzi Backpackerslocal houses in Lubanziview from Wild Lubanzi Backpackers onto the beach and cliffsone of the 5 Wild Lubanzi catssunrise seen from the deck at Wild Lubanzi Backpackerscows grazing outside Wild Lubanzi Backpackersentrance to Wild Lubanzi Backpackersbunch of banans from the garden at Wild Lubanzi Backpackerschilling in a hammock overlooking the sea at Wild Lubanzi Backpackerssunrise seen from Wild Lubanzi Backpackers

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