Welcome to the End of Everywhere!

This is Lubanzi, a little Xhosa Village in the middle of nowhere of the former Transkei. This is where the road ends, this is where the sea and the sky meet, where the sun kisses the waves and the rhythm of life is still pure and undisturbed.

Kick off your shoes, check the Ego in at the baggage counter. Free yourself, climb into your skin, open up, be at one, breathe. Lubanzi is as "away from everything" as you can possibly be.

Enjoy delicious home cooked meals, freshly baked bread, vegetables and fruits straight out of the local gardens. Learn about alternative energy and a different way of life, off the grid, self-sustainable, close to the heartbeat of this beautiful planet. Let yourself be carried away by the sound of the waves, blink into a marvelous sunrise from your bed, and watch the dolphins catch the perfect Lubanzi wave while sipping coffee on the deck.

Carob, one of the 2 ridgebacks at Wild Lubanzi Backpackerscliffs at Lubanzi, Eastern Cape
outside sitting area at Wild Lubanzi Backpackerslocal houses in Lubanzi
view from Wild Lubanzi Backpackers onto the beach and cliffsone of the 5 Wild Lubanzi cats
entrance to Wild Lubanzi Backpackersbunch of banans from the garden at Wild Lubanzi Backpackers
sunrise seen from the deck at Wild Lubanzi Backpackerscows grazing outside Wild Lubanzi Backpackers
chilling in a hammock overlooking the sea at Wild Lubanzi Backpackerssunrise seen from Wild Lubanzi Backpackers

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