Wild Lubanzi - Somewhat (VERY) Different.

A place for the young-at-heart.

In light of the recent happenings in South Africa (as of beginning of September 2019) it is important for us - owners, staff and neighbours of Wild Lubanzi Backpackers - to declare Wild Lubanzi as a #SafeSpace. Safe Space means all races, all colors, all genders, all nationalities, all sexual orientations welcome. Safe Space means we denounce violence of any form. Safe Space means our house is open to you if you need to talk about something terrible that has happened to you, or if you need a hug. Safe Space means you can tell us if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe and we will do our best to help.

Wild Lubanzi is nestled on one of the hills overlooking the beach, providing you with stunning sunrise views. It is surrounded by local village huts, people, livestock, laughter and the lovely hum of Xhosa village life.

South Africa has a powerful mix of politics, people and complexities that frame the context of our lives post apartheid.
For these reasons we do not accept any guests who are racist, sexist, agist, homophobic, xenophobic, ethnomophobic or just a horrible person in whatever way. If you are (a horrible person), then we will happily drop you off at the nearest minibus taxi. We are however open to debate any of the above if you are unsure of where you stand.

Wild Lubanzi is a place for the young-at-heart, a place for dreamers, adventurers, travellers, or anyone who ever felt that "there must be more to life". Here's more. You wanna come see?

Please note: We are still rebuilding our backpackers from scratch - three years in and still going strong. However, some accommodation is available (check the accommodation page), the self-catering kitchen is operational and toilet/shower facilites are provided. And of course the view and short walk to the beach are the same as always.